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1. Character Matters:  When our users (leaders) join they complete a character assessment that evaluates them against other high performing, high impact leaders. This helps our users focus on character reinforcing practices that are aligned with the core values of their organizations.  

2. Set Your "PRACTICE DECISION CHALLENGE": The user identifies a "desired result" and "desired impact" to a real-time business opportunity or challenge that they are responsible for leading.  All "practice decision challenges (PDC)" are real-time and time-bound (15, 30, 60 or 90 days in the future). Once the user initiates a practice decision challenge (PDC),  SAFIOO sends Wisdom Videos and Audios from other community leaders who possess a similar character profile and who have faced a similar leadership challenge or opportunity in the past. Several times a week, the user completes our 90 second “ Weekly Intention Exercise" that captures, monitors, analyzes and reports the user’s thoughts, behaviors, actions and decisions, and provides insights to the user about their progress during the practice decision challenge (PDC).

At the completion of a practice decision challenge (PDC) and submission of a 3 to 5 minute Wisdom Video or Audio podcast, the user accumulates Community Practice Points (CPP) As the user completes more practice decision challenges (PDC), and accumulates CPP's through other practice based activities, the user advances through the five levels of practice excellence, Lead, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. These ascending levels of character based leadership excellence are shared on each user profile to demonstrate a user's commitment to character based leadership development and effectiveness. The more points, the wiser the leader, and the greater your opportunity to share your wisdom with others.  SAFIOO acknowledges and celebrates users who reach the Diamond or Platinum level of practice, as "The Wise Ones" to the larger SAFIOO community.  

3.  The Community: SAFIOO's online community is where our users share video and audio based curated and original content, connect with each other, share stories, wisdom, strategies, or even network. We also live stream current events, interviews, and host engaging leadership development content that can be customized for your workplace culture.

4.  THE WISDOM VIDEO/AUDIO: At the end of each leadership challenge, the user completes a guided, three to five-minute video or audio podcast that asks them to share a self-analysis and reflection about their PRACTICE DECISION CHALLENGE (PDC) and to offer practical suggestions to other users who may face a similar challenge in the future.  In other words, we capture the wisdom of a user's "LIVED LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE" and share it with other character-aligned users when they embark upon a similar practice decision challenge on our platform. Members also reach out to each other through our public, private (client employees only), and hidden (user generated/invite only) mobile learning and development community rooms.  


SAFIOO is the enneagram of the greek word Sofia, which means the love of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. SAFIOO  helps leaders make decisions that offer their greatest contribution to profit, people, planet, and society.