PRODUCT: SAFIOO is an artificially intelligent global mobile media platform that builds effective leaders by providing culturally relevant and cost-efficient opportunities to practice working through personal and professional challenges in real life contexts.

  Key Features: 

  • Character-based, practice-driven,  measurable leadership challenges
  • –User-rated, culturally organic leadership content
  • –Real-time problem identification, real-time problem solving support
  • –IBM-WATSON supported

PROCESS: Using an Ai video/audio storytelling format, we collect, aggregate, analyze, report and share the knowledge and wisdom (lived experiences) of like-minded leaders who have tackled challenges and opportunities that are similar to the ones our users are currently facing.  

RESULT: Our users can make better informed decisions based on information that is culturally relevant, time-sensitive and character-aligned because it comes from within the SAFIOO community and is based on prior lessons learned by our members and industry experts. 


OUR MISSION:  Our social media platform shares leadership wisdom that helps people make better decisions at work and in life.