Toby Thompkins, Co-Founder- Executive leadership coach, bestselling author, and consultant with a particular interest in millennials and emerging market leadership. For over 25 years, he has worked with leaders and teams from multinational companies, governments, and NGO’s in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Canada, and the USA. He lead a USAID public-private partnership to reverse the consequences of surface gold mining in Ghana, and was the Africa correspondent for Ebony magazine during President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Ghana in 2009. In 2016, Toby was selected as a Bellagio Fellow by the Rockefeller Foundation for his work and writing about the challenges facing  21st century leaders, called  ”Beautiful Leadership.” “Beautiful Leadership” is the conceptual framework for SAFIOO.

Hee Jin Bang, PhD, Co-Founder-Has conducted research in the field of education for nearly 15 years, focusing on literacy, language acquisition, academic and social adaptation of immigrant origin youth, and civic engagement among minority youth. Her work has also included evaluations of teacher professional development programs and usability / user experience research in educational technology.  HeeJincurrently leads the research and evaluation work at an educational technology non-profit organization, which involves using qualitative, quantitative, and game analytic data to assess the effectiveness of digital learning games in improving secondary school students’ reading skills and key 21st century life and career skills. She also serves as an advisor to international students seeking to pursue further education and career opportunities in the U.S., Europe, and Hong Kong.

Kurt Collins, Co-Founder -After leaving MIT, Kurt Collins began his engineering career at Silicon Graphics (SGI), where he worked on debugging its Unix-flavored operating system. He’s worked across disciplines in business development and software engineering at organizations such as CNET, Photobucket, and More recently, Kurt co-founded The Hidden Genius Project in 2012 in response to the urgent need to increase the number of black men in the technology industry. The Hidden Genius Project teaches programming, entrepreneurial skills and critical thinking to African American youth. Today, he continues this work with technology startups and nonprofits alike.