SAFIOO Decisions 1.0: Features Overview

At home, work and in life some decisions are more urgent and important than others. When those decisions come along we all could use more personal insight, the wisdom of a trustworthy few, and the power of a supportive community.

Personal Analytics

SAFIOO Decisions 1.0 focuses on two things, your desired result or goal, and desired impact, the difference you want to make in the world. We use the power of IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence capabilities, the Big Five Personality indicators, and our research about the five characteristics of high performing social impact leaders to gather, analyze, and provide you timely feedback about key aspects of your personality and leadership style that support you in making better decisions.

wise counsel

Better decisions are made when you have access to good data and the trusted counsel of wise collaborators who are committed to your development, growth, and success. When our users make a decision, they create a “Decision Board” and set up an “Inner Circle.” As a result, a few trustworthy collaborators are invited or selected to offer their counsel and lived experiences to help the user: challenge their assumptions, align possible actions against their core values, assess the associated risks, examine the potential consequences of possible decisions, set a thoughtful course of action to achieve their desired result and impact.

Learning community

Instead of teaching theory and knowledge in the traditional classroom setting, we use the power of our mobile first community to educate and develop our users in real-time contexts. Through continuous learning and development we offer our users a resource for life-long personal and professional development from “college to retirement.” Our “intention exercises” and “micro-learning content” guides our users through the sometimes uncomfortable journey from “not knowing what to do” to “learning while doing.” With SAFIOO, failure and success become opportunities to capture, reflect and share the wisdom of your lived experiences and expertise with others. We know that excellent leaders are born through a conscious and intentional commitment to practice. No matter the size of the challenge, SAFIOO is with you every step of the journey.